Terms & Conditions of PRS Online Enrolment:

  • PRS Online Enrolment is applicable to Malaysians residing in Malaysia only.
  • The PRS Online Portal is for execution only and does not provide advice. Please read and understand the Disclosure Document and Product Highlight Sheets (PHS) before selecting the PRS funds to invest. If you wish to seek further advice, please contact your respective PRS Consultant. Please also consider the applicable fees and charges before investing.
  • Effective 1 January 2021, the PPA account opening fee of RM10.00 (one-time off) is waived for all new enrolment.
  • For applicants age 30 and below who perform self-enrolment through PPA’s PRS Online Enrolment service, the PRS Providers’ sales charge will be at 0%.
  • Upon the successful completion of your online transaction, your contributions will be forwarded to your Provider(s) for their onward processing at the next cycle. You will receive a separate acknowledgement from your Provider(s) once they have created the units in the relevant fund(s) for your benefit. Please note that successful completion of the online transaction does not guarantee the successful opening of the account. The respective Provider(s) may take up to 7 business days to confirm or reject the opening of the account and the contributors are obliged to provide all the necessary information (if requested by the respective Provider[s]) for the verification purposes. You may contact us if you wish to know the status of your transactions. Our contact details can be found here: Contact Us
  • In the event you have insufficient funds for the transaction, the transaction will be rejected.
  • Please note that payments for the units purchased must only be done from the applicant’s own bank account. No third party or joint account payment will be allowed.
  • Please note that the PRS Online Enrolment under the purview of the PPA is only for Malaysian Citizens. For non-citizens, please contact the respective PRS Providers for further advice.
  • Please note that the opening of PRS account is for the purpose of saving and investing for retirement.
  • If the payment verification fails, the application shall be rejected and payment will be refunded to the applicant accordingly.
  • By clicking on the “Agree & Verify” button, you consent to the usage of your information for the processing of your application.

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